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    Billing Arrangements


    Foris Law Offices typically bills for services at an hourly rate that is based upon the complexity of the matter or matters being handled.  However, we do offer alternative fee arrangements for certain matters whenever such arrangements are mutually beneficial and desired.  When available, alternative fee arrangements are customized for each client and the matter or matters being handled. There are many types of arrangements which may be offered depending on the practice area, though certain practice areas may be more appropriate for alternative fee arrangement than others. Alternative fee arrangements may include partial or full contingency based fees, fixed or flat-fee, or blended hourly rate fees. Regardless of the type of compensation plan agreed upon, Foris Law Offices always seeks to provide the most effective and least costly legal representation to our clients. Below is a list of general practice areas and the types of fee arrangements that may be available.

    Workers’ Compensation

    Workers’ Compensation defense claims are almost universally handled on an hourly fee basis. Hourly rates are based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the matter or matters and the number of cases to be handled. Unlike most law firms, Foris Law also offers fixed or flat-rate (annual basis per claim) workers’ compensation defense representation for qualified clients. Fixed or flat-rate workers’ compensation defense representation may be offered to clients with a large volume of claims in order to off-set defense costs and to assist them with meeting their overall risk management goals.  For more information about hourly, fixed or flat-rate workers’ compensation defense representation, please contact Carrie Foris at cforis@forislaw.com or 773-848-8700.

    Tort Liability Defense

    Tort Liability Defence claims are typically handled on an hourly rate basis.  Hourly rates for Tort Liability Defence are based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the matter.  Foris Law Offices may also offer blended hourly rates for clients who have multiple claims requiring different levels and types of expertise. When available and appropriate, partial contingency fees blended with either a flat-rate or hourly rate may be offered in certain third-party liability, subrogation or reimbursement matters.

    Outside General Counsel Services

    Outside General Counsel Services are usually billed at an hourly rate, which may be fixed or variable based on the type and complexity of the work performed on a particular matter. However, we find that most clients prefer alternative billing structures such as flat-rate fees for outside general counsel services on a monthly or annual basis. We believe an alternative billing structure allows for greater flexibility and encourages our clients to utilize our services more often without the fear of incurring excessive legal fees.  Our flat-rate fees are based on the complexity of your business needs and an estimate of the amount of time you expect to utilize our services during a particular period. To allow for flexibility in the use of our services, we allow our clients to roll-over time from month to month up to an agreed amount. In the event a client uses more time than originally contracted for in a particular month, we work with them to adjust future estimates if it appears that additional legal assistance will be required for a longer period. ​Because Foris Law Offices does not have the high overhead that most large law firms have, we are able to provide you with large law firm experience at a lower rate. Our flat-rate, monthly retainer fees are based on hourly rates that are significantly lower than most law firms would charge for similar services.


    For matters which are billed at an Hourly Rate, Foris Law Offices offers traditional as well as Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (“LEDES”) invoicing. Billing is per .10 hour and is typically billed per matter unless task-based billing is agreed upon. If a client has provided a retainer deposit, funds will be drawn against the retainer upon client approval of each invoice.  Matters that are billed at a flat-rate are invoiced monthly, semi-annually or annually depending on the type of matter and client agreement. Additional invoicing for time spent is not typically generated unless requested by the client, though expenses and fees for additional services not contemplated in the original agreement would be invoiced on a pre-arranged schedule. For matters handled on a flat-rate basis, Foris Law Offices maintains individual matter time logs, typically similar to hourly billing on a per matter basis. Time logs may be generated on a regular interval or on a request basis.  Other alternative billing arrangements are customized to the specific matter and requirements of the client.