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    Outside General Counsel


    Foris Law Offices offers outside general counsel services to businesses and tax-exempt organizations throughout Illinois.  Regular utilization of highly skilled legal services is necessary to any successful enterprise. However, most small to mid-sized businesses and organizations do not have the resources to maintain an in-house legal staff or even a general counsel.  Most often, these small to mid-sized businesses and organizations are forced to pay high rates for ad-hoc legal services.  An outside general counsel is a more efficient and cost-effective solution for many businesses and organizations.    An outside general counsel is your business’ or organization’s designated “go to” lawyer for all of its legal needs. Retaining Foris Law Offices as your outside general counsel for to handle your day-to-day legal needs gives your business or tax-exempt organization all the benefits and convenience of in-house counsel, but at a fraction of the cost.

    Scope of Practice

    Foris Law Offices is a full-service general practice law firm with experience providing superior legal advice and services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations in the following areas:

    • Contracts
      • Negotiating, drafting and review of critical contracts on behalf of the organization including supply and manufacturing, service, license, lease, vendor, software development, intellectual property transfer, buy/sell, financing, confidentiality, severance, non-compete, employment, consulting, indemnification and other agreements.
      • Negotiating and review of insurance agreements including health, general tort liability, errors and omissions, directors and officers, premises liability, special event, workers’ compensation policies and third party administration and automobile policies.
      • Direct representation in contract dispute litigation
    • Employment Issues
      • Employment Policy Handbook drafting
      • Litigation and Compliance consultation involving HIPAA, ADA, FMLA, OWBPA, Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, Title VII, Unemployment Compensation, Illinois Wage Payment and Collection Act, Illinois Personnel Records Review Act and other employment-related laws
      • Employee discipline and termination consultation
      • Workplace Safety and OSHA matters
      • Workers’ Compensation claims management
      • Insurance policy negotiation and coverage opinions
      • Employment agreements including non-competition, confidentiality, consultant, sales representative/commission, and severance agreements.
      • Criminal matter and external investigation representation
      • Development and presentation of In-House training and seminars on employment matters and compliance
      • Conducting and/or coordinating employment audits and internal investigations when necessary and recommending appropriate management response Litigation Matters
    • Litigation
      • Developing legal and investigative strategies in response to respond to civil, criminal and employment related incidents;
      • Managing all litigation matters and supervising responses to discovery requests and outside agency requests to ensure accuracy, completion and compliance with HIPAA and all other state and federal laws;
      • Retaining, supervising and coordinating outside legal counsel when necessary, as well as creating and monitoring litigation budgets; Assisting outside counsel to reduce costs.
      • Direct representation before the Illinois State Courts, The Illinois Court of Claims, the Illinois Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, the US District Court and Administrative Agencies such as OSHA, IEDS, IWCC, IDHR, IHRC, EEOC, IEPA and ICC.
      • Managing insurance claims, including direct communication and coordination with insurance adjusters, investigators and outside counsel to reduce claim costs and resolve coverage issues.
    • Corporate Governance and General Business
      • Participating in strategic business planning and the development and definition of corporate policies, procedures and programs;
      • Managing complex business transactions and leading corporate due diligence processes;
      • Conducting and/or coordinating employment audits and internal investigations when necessary and recommending appropriate management response;
      • Participating on the Board of Directors/Risk Management Committee;
      • Advising the Board of Directors with respect to organization governance issues, compliance matters and organization initiatives;

    Locations and Industries Serviced

    Foris Law Offices offers Outside General Counsel services to small and mid-size businesses and not-for-profit organizations throughout Illinois. We are a modern, agile firm with the technological capability to work anywhere.  The firm’s primary offices are located in downtown Chicago, Illinois. However, because many of our clients are located outside the downtown Chicago area, we often travel to our clients’ locations for consultations and on-site legal work.

    Risk-Based Approach

    As outside general counsel, we work closely with your management and executive team to develop a deep understanding of your company’s business objectives, its culture and its philosophy. Based on this understanding, we proactively identify, assess and resolve potential legal issues and risks. We are also available and on-call to answer your legal questions and handle legal issues as they arise. If a particular issue requires the assistance of specialized counsel, we assist with the selection of the appropriate special counsel, negotiate acceptable legal fees and assist the special counsel to reduce your legal fees. In large scale matters, we act as litigation managers and transaction team leaders to ensure all matters are handled in a cost-efficient and effective matter. If you already have in-house counsel, Foris Law Offices can supplement your legal team by providing additional support and subject matter expertise.

    Fee Arrangements

    Foris Law Offices is committed to providing highly skilled, successful legal representation to our clients in the most cost-effective manner. We offer reasonable hourly rates and alternative fee arrangements, when such arrangements are appropriate and mutually beneficial. For General Counsel Services, we find that most clients prefer an alternative fee arrangement or flat rate for outside general counsel services on a monthly or annual basis. We believe a flat rate allows for greater flexibility and encourages our clients to utilize our services more often without the fear of incurring excessive legal fees. Our flat rate fees are based on the complexity of a client’s business needs and an estimate of the amount of time the business is expected to utilize our services during a particular period. To allow for flexibility in the use of our services, we allow our clients to roll-over time from month to month. If a client requires more time than originally contracted for in a particular month, we will let you know and work with you to adjust your future estimates.   Because Foris Law Offices does not have the high overhead that most large law firms have, we are able to provide you with large law firm experience at a lower rate. Our flat-rate, monthly retainer fees are based on hourly rates that are significantly lower than most law firms would charge.  Additional information regarding our billing practices may be found here.

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