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    Risk Management

    Foris Law Offices employs “Risk-Based Thinking” in its provision of legal services. We partner with our clients to gain an in depth understanding of their business objectives and the daily challenges they face.  Our goal is to help each client meet and exceed its business objectives.  With this goal in mind, we view each claim as not just a single event, but a piece of each client’s bigger business picture and we customize our services to provide the most effective approach to meet their legal needs.

    As part of our Litigation and Outside General Counsel services, Foris Law Offices offers risk management strategies to our clients who are seeking to reduce their overall risk exposure and litigation costs.  We also collaborate with Midway Risk Consultants, LLC to offer more complex and intensive risk management services. A sample of risk management services offered includes:

    • Risk Assessment Services
      • Risk Identification
      • Risk Analysis
      • Risk Register Development
      • Criticality Analysis
    • Risk Mitigation Services
      • Risk Training Programs
      • Safety Management System Development, Implementation and Oversight
      • Policy Development
    • Strategic Cost Reduction Services
      • Claims Best Practices Assessments
      • Return-to-Work Program Development and Implementation
      • Third-Party Administrator Contract Negotiation and Drafting

    For more information about our Risk Management Services, please contact Carrie Foris at cforis@forislaw.com or visit www.midwayrisk.com.

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